Wire Types of Brushes & Suitable Applications

Josco’s range of wire brushes across the Josco, Brumby and Tomcat brands contain a large variety of wire types that are specifically suited to achieve the best results on suitable surfaces. Please see below for an explanation of wire types, and to see which wire types are suited to your work piece material.


High Carbon Steel Wire (HD)
Crimped HD wire is suitable for light surface treatment, flexible brushing and deburring applications.
Twistknot HD wire is a standard wire type used for heavy duty brushing applications.


XHD Steel Wire
Twistknot XHD steel wire is a premium, tenacious wire that provides a faster, more aggressive cut together with a longer life expectancy. It provides increased durability and is better suited to extreme brushing requirements.


Tin Coated Wire
Straight and single crimp tin coated wire is suited to deburring and decarbonising applications.


Brass Coated High Carbon Steel Wire
Crimped brass coated HD steel wire provides high tensile strength and cutting performance. It is ideal for demanding brushing and deburring applications.


316 Grade Stainless Steel
A premium stainless steel wire ideal for Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Grade 316 has an increased resistance to corrosion in marine environments. It is suitable for stainless steel and aluminium work pieces.


Brass Wire
Brass is a non-sparking wire type suitable for surface finishing on copper and brass surfaces.


Abrasive Nylon
Josco’s range of wire brushes with abrasive impregnated nylon filaments are ideal for corrosion and paint removal on huge variety of materials.


To match your brush type to surface material, please view the Fill Selction Guide below. If you still have questions, please give our friendly customer service team a call on 1800 445 444 or submit an enquiry form with details about your project.


Fill Selection Guide